A parent’s frustration: “I’m finished supporting the school division with my time and skills.”

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July 4, 2014 by realrenewal

by Lauren Numrich

Ms. Young,

I am embarrassed to once again have to bring up the completion of Arcola Community School.  The Regina Board of Education removed the play structures from the playground at Arcola Community School many years ago.  The new, large ones were removed when my son was in grade one and my youngest son was still learning to walk.As my oldest completes grade six at Arcola, and my youngest completes grade one at Douglas Park School (where although he doesn’t have a classroom, his cubicle leaks, teachers need to wear microphones so they can be heard during classes, at least they have a playground) the structures our community paid for still have not been replaced.  The equipment, although ‘not the responsibility of the school board’ is stored by the school board and was removed by the school board and should be reinstalled by the school board.  Not at your convenience, but immediately.

I understand that your lack of foresight and planning has overwhelmed your resources and you are busy rebuilding Wascana School for Connaught students.  Because safety is a priority for the Regina Public School Board.  And moving Connaught students into a different structurally compromised facility with major air quality issues is currently your priority.  Our kids have been waiting for years for your support.  Our community has all but given up support of our schools.  Those who were on Arcola’s council during the rebuild have moved on to different schools where our children will not have such an obvious lack of resources that are taken for granted at most public schools.  Like playgrounds.

For myself, I am finished supporting the school division with my time and skills.  I will continue to support my children’s teachers directly in the classroom.  I will no longer help with fundraising for the school division, I will no longer sit on School Community Councils, I will no longer feel betrayed by those I support.  Many other parents feel the same.  Neither Arcola Community School or Douglas Park School have SCCs with more than five members that are not staff.  These are your beautiful new flagship schools, and no one wants to be involved any more. Perhaps this is your goal.

I look forward to hearing when the students and community surrounding Arcola Community School can have their playground structures back, and not more excuses.

Also, I am concerned regarding the rain leaking through Douglas Park School’s roof.  My son’s cubicle has had rain leaking from the ceiling this year and his kindergarten class leaked last year.  Will there be a proper inspection done so we can be confident our children are not learning in a freshly moulding environment?  When houses leak, owners are responsible for ensuring roofs are fixed and water damage is completely dried out.  Does the Regina Board of Education concern itself with these matters, or will we wait until this school is also declared unsafe?

Lauren Numrich
Former Treasurer, Douglas Park School SCC
Former Special Lunch Coordinator, Douglas Park School SCC
Former Chairperson, Arcola Community School SCC
Former Treasurer, Arcola Community School SCC
Former Member, Arcola Community School SCC – Fundraising Committee


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