Rural schools

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Nova Scotia Small Schools Initiative

The Nova Scotia Small Schools Initiative is working to put schools at the heart of rural revitalization.

Rural Communities Impacting Policy

This site contains information about rural sustainability.

Centre for Rural Affairs – Rural Schools

The Nebraska-based Centre for Rural Affairs has provided a website that contains useful information to help rural schools make the argument against closure.


Rural Schools and Educational Reform: Should We Keep Rural Schools Open? A Review of the Literature. Prepared for the Ontario Federation of Agriculture. Dr. Allan C. Lauzon and Ms. Danielle Leahy, School of Rural Extension Studies, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ont.

Where Does the Rural School Stand? Different Perspectives . Carolyne Tompson, Queen’s University Faculty of Education, 2011.

The Process and Impact of School Closures in Four Rural Nova Scotian Communities. Joyce MacDonald
Rural Communities Impacting Policy, 2003

Education, Place and the Sustainability of Rural Schools in Saskachewan. Terry Wotherspoon, University of Saskatchewan, Journal of Research in Rural Education, Winter, 1998, Vol. 14, No.3, 131-141.

‘The status quo is not an option’: Community impacts of school closure in South Taranaki, New Zealand. Kearns, et. al. Journal of Rural Studies 25(1), 2009, 131-140.

Political Economy of Rural School Consolidation. DeYoung and Howley, Peabody Journal of Education (67)4, 1990.

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