The choice: ‘Davin’ or ‘The Crescents’


June 17, 2018 by realrenewal

Trustees will consider two name options. Accompanying education measures are recommended “as resources permit.”

Trustees will decide this Tuesday whether to keep the name Davin School or change it to The Crescents School. The two options were prepared by Regina Public Schools communications staff.

The report recommends keeping the historical carving of the name Davin above the main door in any case, along with an existing plaque that outlines Davin’s accomplishments.

Additionally, it recommends three educational measures on residential schools “as time, funding and resources allow over the next several years.”

These include a second plaque “detailing the history of the school name, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations (sic*) and the actions taken by the School Division.”

As well, the report suggests creating an exhibit of “artifacts of the Treaty 4 area and the Regina Industrial School,” housed at the Alex Youk Museum located at the school board office. Finally, a written document on the history of the school and its name would be kept at the school as a resource for the school community.

The existing plaque, currently covered up by student artwork, has been recommended to remain. A second plaque would outline Davin’s connection to residential schools.

The report notes an online survey that garnered 1,379 responses was split 50-50 on whether or not to rename the school. It suggests trustees also consider the division’s work toward reconciliation, the positive experience of rebranding the Balfour team name, and new naming policies.

“The decision of whether or not to change the Davin School name rests with the elected Trustees of the Regina Board of Education,” the report states.

Two motions are offered to choose from. Notably, both include the phrase “as resources permit” regarding the related public education pieces, a potential disappointment to school community members who had called for broad public discussion and learning as part of the renaming process.

Members of the public are urged to attend the school board meeting, Tuesday, June 19 at 5:30 p.m. at the Regina Public Schools Division Office, 1600-4th Ave. If you need a ride, please contact

Read the recommendation report and motions

*The TRC is adamant its Calls to Action should not be referred to as “recommendations.”


One thought on “The choice: ‘Davin’ or ‘The Crescents’

  1. David McLennan says:

    Leave the name as it is.

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