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Saskatchewan Association for Community Education core principles

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United States:

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Community schools emerged in Saskatchewan in 1980, after parents lobbied for First Nations inclusion and greater community involvement in the operation of schools. The Connaught Centennial Project compiled a history of community schooling posted here, as well as original letters, documents and news clippings related to community schooling in the project’s digital archives. With community school designation, schools received funding to hire School Community Coordinators and Native Teach Associates (later called teacher associates), along with additional funds for nutrition programs and the operation of School Community Councils.

Provincial policy
In 2004, Building Communities of Hope laid out a renewed policy framework for community schools and school divisions to follow, and the spirit of this document was extended to all Saskatchewan schools in 2007. As well, the province published Empowering High Schools as Communities of Learning and Support. Schools serving identified communities (see: Community School Designation Process) continued to receive additional support according to a provincial funding policy. The formula is summarized in this RealRenewal handout: Information for Parents from RealRenwal.

Policy abandonment
In 2009, the Saskatchewan Party government announced a review of education funding. During the review period, the Saskatchewan Community Schools Association raised concerns about the future of the policy, but were assured it was still in place: Inservice and Planning Day Minutes Oct 20, 2009. In 2010, Regina Public Schools stated designated funding for community coordinators could be re-appropriated for other purposes by the principal, and that on-the-ground staff were being replaced by Elders and teams of ‘professionals’ who would not be tied to any specific school.  Notes from board presentation, June 8, 2010.

Loss of designated funding
At an SCSA meeting in January 2012, the province announced there would be no further community school designation, and that funding was to be de-linked from specific support programs. Instead it would go into a general pool called Supports for Learning, which would serve all students, without a particular focus on First Nations and low income students.  Ministry of Education presentation to SCSA, Jan. 17, 2012 (RealRenewal notes).

Current status
With the spring budget of 2012, the Ministry of Education abruptly dismantled the First Nations, Metis and Community Education branch. Information about community schooling is now found on the Ministry website under ‘Comprehensive School Community Health,’  at this location, however it appears to be an archive of old material that has not been modified since the funding changes were made.


Saskatchewan Community Schools Association

Community Schools Directory (Sask.) 2011-2012

U.S. Coalition for Community Schools

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