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RealRenewal lends support to communities seeking a voice in decisions that impact their schools.

This support includes: providing meeting space, assisting with communications, providing background research, networking with other school communities and organizations, fundraising support, and providing information on how to access decision-making processes. Contact us if you need help.

Save Athabasca School Committee

Haultain and Dieppe School Closures

Regina School Closures – 10 Year Plan

Save Our Connaught Campaign


We also network with others to support provincial campaigns, in areas such as:

Standardized testing

Support Services

Aboriginal Education

Community Schooling


If you have an issue that needs attention, please contact us.



  • Schools of all shapes and sizes
  • Smaller classes
  • Kids first
  • Walkable communities
  • Happy, secure school staff
  • Schools as centres of community
  • Green restoration and retrofitting
  • Smart growth for a growing city



  • Increased busing
  • Large, overcrowded schools
  • Inner city abandonment
  • Demolition of community assets



Regina school closures. 

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