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June 24, 2016 by realrenewal

Education funding cuts

Prairie Spirit area citizens are sending a strong message to political leaders.

CUPE news release, June 17, 2016

Warman — CUPE Local 4254 has launched a public awareness campaign about the impacts that significant cuts to Prairie Spirit School Division will have on the quality of education and services for our children.

Prairie Spirit School Division is facing a $3 million budget shortfall, which will result in the layoff of at least 60 full time equivalent educational associates.

“These cuts mean less support in the classroom for students who are struggling. With less support for vulnerable students, all students feel the consequences,” said Grace Wudrick, president of CUPE Local 4254. “Children in Saskatchewan deserve better from their government.”

The Saskatchewan Government’s funding formula has resulted in Prairie Spirit being one of the lowest funded in the province – despite the growth in the region. The 2014/15 school year marks the ninth consecutive year of enrollment growth, with over 10,300 students in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12. News that the government is refusing to fund the full cost of the pay raise they negotiated with teachers means that Prairie Spirit is facing even more of a financial crush.

“Every student deserves access to the classroom support he or she needs.” – Grace Wudrick

“These funding cuts not only hurt students, but layoffs will have a serious impact on workers and their families. We are talking about over 60 families who are losing an income,” said Wudrick. “That means more families in our communities struggling to make ends meet. Some long term employees who have been with the division for ten years or more will no longer have jobs. The division has also eliminated the library assistant positions, resulting in three layoffs, one being a twenty-three year employee.”

The first step of the campaign is a public mail out to over 12,000 homes in the Prairie Spirit School Division catchment area. From there, the local is asking concerned citizens to contact their MLA and Premier Brad Wall.

“Every student deserves access to the classroom support he or she needs. If you are concerned about the impact the funding formula will have on your children, make your voice heard,” said Wudrick.

CUPE Local 4254 represents 394 workers in Prairie Spirit School Division, including
educational associates, admin assistants, executive assistants, caretakers, bus drivers,
computer techs, network administrators, bus technicians and maintenance personnel.


4 thoughts on “Postcard protest

  1. thereginamom says:

    It’s shameful. Premier Wall and his ilk care more about ensuring a foreign corporation takes over a swath of land and about his already-wealthy friends being able to skip the dishes than he does about the social, emotional, and intellectual development of our children. Shameful.

  2. Rick Hesch says:

    As is customary, the province wants to support the profits of the resource industries off the backs of the people who are keeping this province going. Flush resource industries and other in the regional “1%” are given priority over working families and good public education. How can I help fight back?

  3. Funding cutbacks involve all Saskatchewan residents, not just those in the Prairie Spirit School Division. These are our children too. I think your postcard protest should include us all. In that spirit, can you send me a number of postcards so I can distribute them to friends?

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