Davin School re-naming up for discussion at public meeting

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February 25, 2018 by realrenewal

Some Davin school alumni and parents have drafted two motions advocating re-naming the school and doing more to inform school community members about the legacy of residential schools. The motions will be presented for discussion and voting at a Special Meeting on education issues, 7 pm, Wed. Feb 28 at the Regina Public School Division office, 1600-4th Ave.


The meeting is an open forum on any education-related issues. Community members can present resolutions for voting on by the whole assembly.

Three peace organizations have combined forces to present a resolution advocating for peace education. There are also motions in the works about services for children with intensive needs, and adopting a Respect for Human Diversity Policy.

If you have items to present, please come to the meeting or, if you can’t attend, contact realrenewal@gmail.com with the details. Contact us also if you want to share your ideas in advance of the meeting.

Stay tuned as these and other motions are finalized and shared with RealRenewal.




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