Regina residents call special education meeting

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February 6, 2018 by realrenewal

A group of Regina residents are using a little-known regulatory clause to call a Special Meeting on education issues.

Under the Local School Division Administration Regulations, school boards must organize a special meeting if they receive a written request signed by 25 or more taxpaying residents. After Regina Public announced there’d be no annual meeting this year, a group of residents decided to put forward the request.

The board received the letter on Jan. 30, and plans to review it at their Feb. 13 regular meeting. The letter suggests Feb. 28 as a potential day for holding the meeting.

The meeting would welcome people to bring forward any education issues they feel need attention. At a special meeting, the whole assembly votes on matters, not just the trustees.

Florence Stratton, who drafted the letter, said if it gets thrown out on a technicality she is prepared to resubmit it again, for as long as it takes for the board to comply with provincial regulations.

To make the point that local democracy matters, it’s really important to have a good crowd out for the Special Meeting when it happens. Please pencil in Feb. 28, while we await confirmation. People are also encourage to attend the Feb. 13 when the board deliberates on the letter of request.

For people in other towns and cities where annual meetings were cancelled, consult this page of the Local School Division Administration Regulation. The full regulations are found here.


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