IB program supporters launch petition


January 17, 2016 by realrenewal

Parents and students have started circulating a petition to protest the closure of Regina Public’s International Baccalaureate (IB) program. The program cancellation was announced at a school board meeting. No vote was taken because under the board’s policy governance model, trustees do not vote on matters relating to curriculum. The IB program, which had been offered at Campbell and Thom collegiates, and was scheduled to be offered at Balfour, will be replaced by a less expensive Advanced Placement (AP) Program option, which the board says it will provide at all high schools. The Advanced Placement Program also offers enhanced learning and some transferable university credits, although supporters of the IB program argue it does not match the quality and recognition of the IB program.

The board report states that AP “does not require costly teacher accreditation and training,” and that individual schools can “tailor program offerings” to meet staff capacity and student interests.

Below are links for further information about the programs under discussion.

Advanced Placement Program


International Baccalaureate Program


School Board report and rationale (pp. 2-7 of agenda)







One thought on “IB program supporters launch petition

  1. Therese Kenny says:

    For students and families who want a rigorous and rich high school education, there is no substitute for the IB program. It is a shame that this internationally recognized program, which is available in every major city in Canada, is no longer offered in Regina’s public schools.

    This is a setback for the future of our students and our community as well. The IB program allowed any student who wanted to study richer and deeper into their subjects, to be absorbed and challenged in the university-like curriculum. The IB program helps growing minds to grow bigger. The IB program turns out grade-12 grads who are better able to enter the most challenging university studies. It was a win for students and a win for our society.

    Sadly now, cities other than Regina wil be producing these special graduates.

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