Regina Catholic School Board meeting raises concerns about P3s

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February 7, 2014 by realrenewal

CUPE – Regina residents took another opportunity Feb. 3 to register their concerns with the provincial government’s controversial plan to use public-private partnership (P3) privatization schemes to build new schools.   Attending the annual meeting of the Regina Catholic School Board, school board electors put forward motions demanding more transparency and accountability. 

Jackie Christianson, chair of CUPE Saskatchewan Education Workers Steering Committee, brought forward a motion calling on the school board to seek answers on a series of questions about P3 schools from the provincial government, and hold a special meeting to report back within the next two months.  The motion passed among school board voters, and only one board member chose to vote in opposition.

School board trustees echoed concerns about the plan to use P3s instead of traditional public financing to build new schools.  Retaining control over P3 – built facilities and moving forward in a way that respects workers, students and the community were issues raised by the board at the meeting.

The Regina Catholic School Board joins with voters of Regina Public School Board and the Saskatoon Public School Board in passing motions demanding more transparency and answers surrounding P3 schools.

RCSD Motion regarding P3 Schools


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