RealRenewal urges Minister to retain SCC and electors’ rights

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April 26, 2017 by realrenewal

There’s been much focus on school boards being taken out of the Education Act — but a lesser-known problem is the removal of the rights of School Community Councils and electors proposed in Bill 63.

RealRenewal is urging education minister Don Morgan to retain these bodies under the Act. If Bill 63 passes, the right of SCCs to be part of school closure discussions, as well as the right of electors to hold their trustees to account through annual meetings and other measures, will be discarded or at best moved to regulations in an altered, weakened format.

“The powers and duties of electors must be retained under the Act, as these are important accountability mechanisms to ensure a functioning democracy,” states a letter sent to Morgan on April 18.

Read the letter

Sign the online petition to stop Bill 63


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