Frontline cuts prompt “social media storm”

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May 24, 2016 by realrenewal

Saskatchewan’s education support workers are calling on the public to join a “Social Media Storm for Education” on Wed., May 25.  The campaign was launched in response to a recent series of dramatic cuts, including planned cuts of more than 100 educational assistants province-wide — despite the province’s public assurances that cost-savings will not affect front-line services.

Suggested Facebook messages and tweets for Wednesday include:

  • You can skip the dishes, but you can’t skip the classroom. Let’s support frontline staff. #skpoli #budget2016 #supportsasked
  • Cuts to frontline education support workers hurt our kids. Let’s invest in education. #skpoli #budget2016 #supportsasked
  • 26 layoffs at Prairie South, 100 jobs lost in Prairie Spirit. What other cuts are coming to education? #skpoli #budget2016 #supportsasked
  • Our schools work because support staff do. Let’s invest in education. #skpoli #budget2016 #supportsasked

The education workers have provided a backgrounder on the issues, and on the cutbacks that are already underway.

Proper funding and staffing of schools is important to us all. Please take a moment out of your day to send your message.


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