School boards refuse to pass austerity budgets

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May 5, 2016 by realrenewal

“Times change and parents are starting to wake up,” writes Sarah Miller, who is working to organize FACE (Families Against Education Cuts) in BC. In BC, school trustees have been pushing back against education cuts by refusing to pass austerity budgets.

“We must stand behind these trustees who are brave enough to risk everything for the greater good of our public education system,” Miller writes in a column. BC’s public schools have been suffering from staff cuts and deteriorating facilities, while at the same time more than $300 million annually is now being siphoned to private schools.

Remarkably similar conditions exist in Saskatchewan, but without a such a strong pushback from parents and school boards. Further, on-reserve schools are even more underfunded.

Anyone interested in lobbying their local boards to refuse to carry forward impossible budgets are encouraged to put a call-out on RealRenewal’s facebook page, or email us. If you do not stand up for public education, who will?



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