Trustee censured for challenging “proper” role

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May 15, 2015 by realrenewal

A Nova Scotia trustee is taking ‘policy governance’ to task, demanding the right to speak up for the people who elected her. Susan MacQuarrie complained about intimidating, harassing behaviour at Chignecto-Central Regional School Board meetings when she tried to bring forward public concerns. In response, the board paid its lawyer $70,000 to prepare a report that found her allegations unfounded, including allegations that they had pried into her emails. Citing the report, the board majority censured her and has asked the minister of education to declare her seat vacant.

According to the Truro Daily News, the board’s censure motion stated its lawyer found both the superintendent and board chair were “consistently attempting for some time” to reinforce with MacQuarrie “supportive advice and guidance on the proper governance role of elected board members.”

Commentary: Bully behaviour by Chignecto-Central school board?

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