Community hub concept takes hold in Nova Scotia

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August 5, 2014 by realrenewal

The concept of creating community hub schools instead of closing small schools has received official sanction in Nova Scotia – and there’s a Saskatchewan connection. When the Nova Scotia Small Schools Initiative began its campaign to save rural schools, one of the reports they presented to provincial officials was developed by the Save Athabasca School Committee in Regina.

The hub idea has survived a change in government in Nova Scotia, and will now become one of the options to be considered during the review process, the education ministry has announced.

“Essentially what (Education Minister Karen Casey) did…was formally adopt hub schools as a legitimate approach, which is great. That’s really nice to see after many years,” parent advocate Leif Helmer told the Halifax Herald.

The Athabasca Report was presented to the Regina Board of Education in 2011, along with a request to retain the school for one year to allow time to develop a community hub. The request was soundly rejected, and the school was quickly sold. However, the report, which was prepared by an independent university-based researcher on behalf of SASC, has been widely circulated and cited around the country.


Halifax Herald article

Athabasca School research report













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