Call for public input on First Nations education


October 23, 2013 by realrenewal

Parents, educators, students and community members are being encouraged to submit comments on the federal government’s First Nations Education Bill. First Nations have criticized the bill for its heavy-handed imposition of government-set standards, with no guarantee of additional funding. If passed, federal agents would inspect schools to see if they are meeting provincial benchmarks, with the option to take over school operations if they are not.


3 thoughts on “Call for public input on First Nations education

  1. Ryan Smoke says:

    Negative, if we want to treat out selves as a “sovereign” nation we better start acting like we control of our own and not the government..

  2. Pete Couchi says:

    First Nations are NOT being consulted, that according to the UN, we have a right to govern ourselves, and that we are NOT GOING TO BACK DOWN!

  3. Jade Hunter says:

    Good morning, I am currently a 17 year old highschool graduate. I am currently attending The Academy of Design at the RCC Institute of Technogy located in Toronto. I do believe that our education funds should NOT be cut off. Why? I think this because without our education funds, where else are we going to go? The government has already taken our land, and stuffed up on these little reserves which make natives act very anti-sociable and shy when we come out to the city. I am speaking from past and current experiences. Without our education I feel like others would be very outraged, and that our only way of ever escaping is taken away from us. Please, do not keep taking more away. I ask for a compromise, meet us hallways and we can meet you halfways. Just because the Government has power doesn’t mean I will ever back down.

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