RealRenewal brings positive ideas to electors’ AGM

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January 30, 2013 by realrenewal

RealRenewal representatives took five motions forward to the Regina Public Annual Meeting of Electors on Jan. 29. It was the first time in recent memory that members of the public have presented motions, and it took some stops and starts for the board to grapple with basic parliamentary procedure.

Although the motions were all defeated – due to there being more board administrators than regular members of the public in attendance – we succeeded in raising some important issues on behalf of our members.

Also, it was good to see some direct democracy in action. In recent years our normal democratic structures have been taken over by highly managed, board-controlled public consultations that give no actual decision-making power to the people.

The motions included a call for recognition of the legislated rights of SCCs, and immediate action on First Nations concerns. Read the motions.


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