10 Year Plan review

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September 9, 2011 by realrenewal

Every two years, Regina Public revisits its 10 Year Plan, a document released in late 2007 that laid out a series of school closures and mergers over a 10 year period. Because RealRenewal was originally formed in response to the Plan, we take this opportunity to make recommendations. 

– The trend to fewer, larger schools is dramatic. In the first year of the plan, five elementary schools had more than 400 students. Now 13 schools are projected to exceed this mark.

– In particular, several community schools serving vulnerable populations are projected to exceed recommended enrolment thresholds.

– There have been persistent complaints that the public consultation process is not genuine. RealRenewal advocates arms-length committees of review, similar to community-based review committees established during rural school closure discussions.

– Greater transparency and accountability is required throughout the school review process. RealRenewal is asking for background documents such as enrolment data to be made publicly available, and for there to be a public record of comments received from community members and stakeholder groups.

– Our response raises concerns about a culture of fear in the workplace that prevents teachers and staff from freely providing input on classroom issues.

– We are calling on the board to make every effort to ensure the Dieppe, Haultain and Athabasca communities do not lose their neighbourhood schools.

In total, RealRenewal has developed 19 recommendations, outlined in a this presentation to the school board’s Sept. 20, 2011 meeting.


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