Athabasca and Massey closures considered

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November 1, 2010 by realrenewal

Regina public is holding two consultation meetings for the public to discuss “possible attendance area mergers involving students” at Athabasca and Massey Schools. Translated, this means they are considering the closure of Athabasca School and the Massey School English program as the next step in the board’s 10 Year Plan.

All members of the public are invited to attend and make presentations.

Athabasca School Community Consultation
November 8, 2010
7-8:30 pm
Athabasca School
3905 Princess Drive

Massey School Community Consultation (English Program Only)
November 9, 2010
7-8:30 pm
Massey School
131 Massey Road

Athabasca School serves the River Heights neighbourhood. It has just under 150 students, including junior and senior FIAP (special needs) classrooms with 20 students and a Discovery Preschool with 22 students. By all reports, the neighbourhood is going through a population change similar to the one experienced by Cathedral Area. One resident reports that 20 new families with young children have recently moved in within a few blocks radius of her house. As many of the kids are not school-aged yet, it is likely these families won’t know about the meetings, which have been lightly advertised. If you know of these families, please pass the word on. You don’t have to have kids already registered in the school to voice your opinion.

When the Massey English program was first announced as a potential closure, families with kids in both the English and French program argued the closure would split up siblings. Families will have the choice of Grant Road or McVeety schools and, if they wish to remain in a dual track school, the next nearest option is Connaught.

Connaught is no longer being considered for closure due to rising enrolment. If anything, there are concerns the school could be pushed beyond capacity as a result of surrounding closures, as has happened in other Regina communities.

The meetings are open to all, and presentations are welcome. If any of these issues concern you, please consider speaking, and help spread the word.

To get on the agenda, call the school office phone numbers listed above. You can also present to a regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting by contacting Ms. Suzanne Shuba at 523-3018.

The Board will finalize a decision on Tuesday, January 11, 2011.


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